Gained more trusts by developing a website for Ar-Rafiu Travels


Buying tickets or booking hotels is very much time-consuming. Nowadays people want everything easy and don’t want to work so hard to get a ticket. That’s why AR-RAFIU travels gives the facility to buy tickets, booking hotels and also transport services through online all over Bangladesh.  

A website is very much needed to maintain all kinds of business activities. So Ar-Rafiu travels felt the necessity of it and we tried to serve them best as committed. 

Convenient and user-friendly website made for American School Chittagong


American School Chittagong started with a dream to allow students in Chittagong to accomplish an American based education without venturing out to the USA. Along with practical knowledge, they also focus on creative skills. 

According to their needs, we have provided a website which includes their academic details, admission information and so on. Like other happy customers, we have gained their trust too. 

Dynamic website development for SMILE TENT NGO


For serving humanity, a social welfare organization named SMILE TENT has played a major role to work for the poor, underprivileged and handicapped people.  

We the CGIT team are proud to work for them by providing a user-friendly website which has all the information like what are their recent activities, their photo gallery, how to get involved with them, their future plans and so on. 

Timeline 2018

Have a look at some of the most significant works done by us on 2018. A stronger and larger one is coming on 2019.

01 January 2018

First Client from Kenya

Development of Website of
Seacrane Global Logistics Limited, from Kenya.

03 January 2018

Re-Union Management Software for BAF Shaheen

From Online Registration to keep the detail of Payment information we provide all the digital support to this Re-union of BAF Shaheen College Chittagong arranged by CESA. It helps them to preserve their registrants' data, collected amount, attendant number. From the panel of Accountant, they can approve their registration and give them SMS confirmation automatically through our gateway.

08 January 2018

Digital Attendance System at Jamea Sunnia Madrasah

Installation of Digital Attendance System at one of the biggest madrasahs (Religious Educational Institute) of Chittagong, Jamea Sunnia Alia Madrasah.

19 February 2018

Multimedia Classroom at Botany Department of Chittagong College

Installation of Multimedia Classroom at the most prestigious government college of Chittagong, Chittagong College's Botany Department.

24 March 2018

Website Development for Borotakia Construction

Development of website of Borotakia Construction, a sister concern of renowned Borotakia Group.

02 May 2018

Web and Mobile App Development for Omega Express

Started the development of Web App and Mobile App for one of the most growing national courier service companies in Bangladesh, Omega Express to provide international standard digitalized support to their customers and even to their agtents.

07 May 2018

Security System at Reflex Coaching

Installation of secuirty system (CCTV) at one of the popular medical admission coaching centers in Chittagong, Reflex Coaching.

21 May 2018

Launching Edumation

Launching of one of our new products, a web based software with a mobile app for any educational institute around the world at a reasonable cost with the theme 'Automating Education'.

23 May 2018

Multimedia Classroom at Govt. Teachers' Training College

Installation of multimedia classroom at the Govt. Teachers' Training College of Chittagong.

17 July 2018

Launching Coach-BD

Launching of one of our new products, a software which was developed specially for the coaching centers.

05 August 2018

First Client of 'Point of Sales' from Tangail

Khondokar Enterprise which is one of the biggest distributors of RFL and other companies in Tangail, became our first customer from that area who is using our 'Point of Sales' software now to automate their business.

16 August 2018

Digital Attendance System at AC Land Office of Chakaria

Installation of Digital Attendance System at AC Land Office of Chakaria for their employees.

30 August 2018

Launching SMS-BD

Launching our own SMS Gateway SMS-BD with some special benefits for users where users will get their own individual number and can see the reply from receivers in their online panel.

06 September 2018

Digital Attendance System at First Accessories

Installation of Digital Attendance System at one of the renowned garments accessories companies in Chittagong, First Accessories.

17 September 2018

Multimedia Classroom with Sound System at Sociology Department of Chittagong College

Installation of Multimedia Classroom with Sound System at the most prestigious government college of Chittagong, Chittagong College's Sociology Department.

18 October 2018

Security System at Govt. Teachers' Training College

Installation of Security System (CCTV) at Govt. Teachers' Training College, Chittagong including their hostels.

20 October 2018

First Client from New York, USA

Development of Website of
Active Construction NY Inc, from New York, USA.

24 October 2018

Launching of Web and Mobile App for Omega Express

Launching the first live operation of Web and Mobile App for Omega Express.

28 October 2018

First Client from Poland

Update Website and provide hosting to
Blue Energy and Calayo from Poland.

12 November 2018

First Implemenation of Coach-BD

BCS Porikroma and Lucent Coaching of Chittagong became the first client to use Coach-BD to automate their coaching center.

04 December 2018

Website Development for Pre-School operated from UK

Development of Website for Bromley Bee, a pre-school and day care center in Dhaka operated from UK.

15 December 2018

Digitalization of Auditorium of Chittagong College

Installation of high end projector and big size screen for digitalization of Auditorium of Chittagong College.

22 December 2018

Library Management Software for Economics Department of Chiitagong College

Final delivery of Library Management Software for Economics Department of Chiitagong College.

A unique website built for ”ACTIVE CONSTRUCTION(NEW YORK)”


Active construction is the company located in New York, Brooklyn. They are famous for all types of cement jobs and home improvements with a unique look and design. This company has gained many appreciations and we are proud to say that we are connected with them. We tried to develop the website by keeping in mind their theme color.

Constructional website development for ”BOROTAKIA CONSTRUCTION”


Borotakia construction is a company that engages in Trading, Construction, Indenting, and Import & Export related services. Along with their analog presence, to cope with all the working difficulties they wanted to enhance their digital presence also. That’s why they required a better website from us and we gave them what they actually wanted.

In this website, we have added their company works in details along with services. Also, we have added their product information’s individually such as port and other equipment’s details.

Satisfactory appreciation got from ”A-ONE GROUP” for developing a website


A well-known logistic service provider ”A-ONE GROUP” have successfully maintained their business marvelously. They always focus on clients reaching their goal. For the convenience of their logistic or transport related services, they contacted us to make a user-friendly website for them. So, we did what they wanted us to do and we have also fulfilled their requirements what they needed on their website very much. 

CTGSHADI.COM a matrimonial website development based on Chittagong


In modern times, choosing a better life partner is not an easy thing. So, we made an amazing CHITTAGONG based matrimonial website for a company who wants to grow their matrimonial business and from this site, people can find their desired life partner easily.

All member profiles are screened with the help of features such as email verification and phone confirmation. Also, we have added a big map with contact form.

Developed a website for ”IDEAL DEFENCE COACHING CENTER”


Ideal defense coaching center is the most reputed and well-known coaching center and they have kept their business success very incredibly for many years. Sometimes students fail to get all the information’s about admission, courses and many other things. That’s why they needed a user-friendly website where students can get all these easily. So we ensured them the best service.

According to their requirements, we have added a contact form with a big map which indicates their location. So that people can easily find them at a glance. YouTube embedding is also available here.

Created a dynamic website for ”MERMAID MARINE AGENCY”


Mermaid marine agency is a trusted shipping company in Bangladesh. They wanted us to make a dynamic website which will ensure their business growth. And for that we the CGIT team worked for them flawlessly.

The website is mobile friendly with a dynamic contact form and has a special feature ‘Tide Chart’ as their requirement.