Created a convenient and user-friendly website for Alokbartika


Since its establishment, Alokbartika is an institute that has worked for many underprivileged people who are deprived of their human rights. To gather all types of activities and information in one place, they needed a website from us. So, as a result, we made what they needed the most. 

Online Exam App for Rizvy’s Biology


Rizbi Biology is a renowned coaching center in Chittagong founded by Mr. Rizbi. Teaching biology in a better way or method is quite difficult if the trainer is not well experienced. That’s why Rizbi biology is the best coaching center in Chittagong from where students are getting very well guidance and knowledge about biology.  

To handle all the workload of getting students information, handle exams and much more, they needed an app which can maintain all these problems conveniently. So, we the CGIT team took good care of it by providing a better convenient app for this coaching center. 

Online Exam App for Shahed ICT


Bangladesh is becoming digitalized day by day. That’s why in schools and colleges, ICT has become an important subject which is taking most of the priority than other subjects. So, Shahed ICT is the coaching center from whom students are taking guidance to the right path to get proper knowledge of ICT. Mr. Shahed is the founder of Shahed ICT who badly needed an app to maintain his workload of coaching center promptly. So, we made an app for his coaching center which has a user-friendly interface and much more to handle a coaching center without any hassle. 

Fresh new website for Chittagong College with lots of features


Chittagong College is the most popular college in Chittagong. Since its establishment, Chittagong College has gained many appreciations and every year many students are graduating with good marks from there. A good institution needs a professionally designed website. So, We the CGIT team are very much pleasured to provide a website for this well-known institution and gained their trust by providing the best service. 

Interior design and artwork related website developed for The-Ad Communication


Since 1991, The-Ad Communication has gained a remarkable success for interior design, artwork, technology in print media and so on. All over Bangladesh, they are a popular leading multidisciplinary consultancy and design house. Giving customers a better service is not only they do but also, they become partners with their customers to discover innovative ideas to improve their service or products. 

Such a successful company’s workload is obviously difficult to handle without a better professionally designed website. So, to eases, their workload CGIT solved that problem too. According to their requirements, we have added some extra features to their website like their portfolio, experiences and also about clients. 

Personal portfolio website developed for Mr. Tanvirul Haque


Nowadays, a portfolio website plays an important role in our professional life. Because in modern times, people are becoming digitalized day by day and almost everybody relies on the internet to do any important types of works or search for information these days.  

So, Chittagong’s renowned Author and teacher Mr. Tanvirul Haque who is also a founder of South Asian College needed a professional portfolio website and we did just what he expected from us. 

Re-developed Website for Cygnus International School


Cygnus International School intends to establish an education system with eco-accommodating strategy. The best part of this school is they inspire children to love and live in harmony with nature. In one word, Cygnus International School is a perfect world to enlighten the children’s learning. So, for this perfect school, we have made a perfect website for them so that they can maintain their activities perfectly. 

Best pre-school management website developed for Broomley-Bee


Broomley Bee is a UK and Bangladesh joint venture and they provide world-class pre-school and daycare services. Their dream was to do something for the children’s who truly do not have a favorable environment to learn and develop. Now they have successfully made this dream come true and became the most favorable pre-school which also provides excellent daycare services. 

To maintain their school activities like admission, events, news and all, they wanted a user-friendly website which anyone can browse and get all the important news and information easily. So, we are happy to provide them like what they expected from us. 

Tour and travel agency based website designed for Balsons(KENYA)


Kenya’s renown tour and travel agency named BALSONS has made a remarkable success. They give priority most to customer satisfaction and offers quality and affordable car hire, airport transfer, hotels booking and road safaris services. We are proud to say that we have served them best and they are happy to get a website from us for handling their business conveniently.

Gained more trusts by developing a website for Ar-Rafiu Travels


Buying tickets or booking hotels is very much time-consuming. Nowadays people want everything easy and don’t want to work so hard to get a ticket. That’s why AR-RAFIU travels gives the facility to buy tickets, booking hotels and also transport services through online all over Bangladesh.  

A website is very much needed to maintain all kinds of business activities. So Ar-Rafiu travels felt the necessity of it and we tried to serve them best as committed.