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Professional Web Design & Development

¤ What is Internet?

¤ What is Website?

¤ What is Web Design?

¤ What is Web Development?

¤ Basic Needs (HTML,CSS)

¤ Using CMS


Deep Discussion

How to twist

¤ Using Image on Web

¤ Domain & Hosting Setup

¤ C-Panel

¤ Data Security

¤ Final Tips

¤ Real Professional Project


Duration: 40 classes

Fees: 15,000 BDT

Professional Software Development

¤ Basic of -





¤ CSS Framework


¤ Deep Learning of –




¤ Offline Server

¤ Online Server

¤ Final Tips

¤ Real Professional Project


Duration: 60 classes

Fees: 25,000 BDT

Outsourcing/ Freelancing

¤ What is Freelancing?

¤ What is Outsourcing?

¤ How it works?

¤ Marketplace Sites

¤ Stockplace Sites

¤ Crowdsourcing Sites

¤ Paying System

¤ Final Tips


Duration: 20 classes

Fees: 4,000 BDT


¤ What is SEO?

¤ Kinds of SEO

¤ Importance of SEO

¤ Keyword

¤ On Page Optimization

¤ Off Page Optimization

¤ Special Tips


Duration: 20 classes

Fees: 4,000 BDT

Office Management

¤ Basic Computer Knowledge

¤ MS Word

¤ MS Excel

¤ MS Power Point

¤ MS Access

¤ Bangla Typing

¤ English Typing

¤ Internet


Duration: 30 classes

Fees: 3,000/-

Graphics Design

¤ Basic Knowledge of Graphics

¤ Bitmap Image, Vector Image

¤ Adobe Photoshop

¤ Adobe Illustrator

¤ How to use online resource

¤ Professional Project


Duration: 30 classes

Fees: 6,000/-

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We'l provide handpicked e-books. So that they can read about the topic whenever or wherever they want.

Video Tutorial

Video tutorials are a huge helping hand for students. We'll provide some good one from our collection as per student's requirement.


We'll provide the softwares they need to practice. For Web & Software Development students we'll provide essential scripts, too.

Lifetime Support

Some say they'll support you till your first income. We say, we'll support you lifetime, whenever you knock us we'll be there.